“The Business Case for Wellbeing” by Jennifer Robison, Gallup Management Journal, June 2010

This article is an excellent supplement to a book I reference in multiple MyeEMBA Blog entries, Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements by Rath and Harter and based on research by the Gallup Organization.  In the article, “The Business Case for Wellbeing,” the author argues there is a business case for Wellbeing.  Jennifer Robison, the author, provides the following lost productivity numbers to support her case that employee wellbeing is good for business and will contribute to the bottom line.  “Among the most “suffering” employees — those with the lowest wellbeing scores — the annual per-person cost of lost productivity due to sick days is $28,800.  For workers who are at the midpoint of the “struggling” zone, the cost is $6,168.  But for employees with the highest levels of wellbeing — those with the highest scores in the “thriving” category — the cost of lost productivity is only $840 a year.”  

Click on the article name to read the entire article, which is well worth your time if you want to see more support for the business case.

I recommend the book for anyone interested in his or her own wellbeing, his or her employee’s wellbeing, and especially MBA students that are getting ready to start an MBA program.  You will find more information by clicking here or on the book’s icon below.

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