Automating Research with Google Scholar Alerts

Google Alerts is a tool that even though it has been around since 2003 is often overlooked by those that can benefit the most, busy business professionals and yes, the newly admitted MBA student. Recently, Google expanded the capabilities of Google Alerts. Ryan Cordell writing in his ProfHacker Blog entry “Automating Research with Google Scholar Alerts” provides a brief description of the expanded capabilities.

I have been using Google Alerts for approximately three years and find the tool extremely useful for monitoring topics that are of interest to me. Now, I can monitor scholarly publications with Google Scholar Alerts. MBA students can use both Google Alerts and Google Scholar Alerts to:

  • Monitor the status of news stories regarding one of their assignments or projects
  • Set alerts for upcoming lecture topics to add to class discussions
  • Monitor companies for class discussions or to keep current on competitors
  • Monitor developing news stories
  • Discover new web sites that relate to topics of interest

Google Alerts and Google Scholar Alerts are easy to use and can be easily changed. This technology can help you save time and perhaps even enhance your wellbeing. You can find more information on either by clicking Google Alerts and Google Scholar Alerts.

What is your experience with Google Alerts?

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