A Brief Word from an Evernote Convert by Kathleen Fitzpatrick

“A Brief Word from an Evernote Convert” by Kathleen Fitzpatrick – ProfHacker, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Are you and your MBA team members frustrated with your MBA program’s collaboration technology? One option to consider is Evernote, a free, easy to use collaboration technology that is developing a great reputation as a useful tool for individuals to use for personal resource management and for small groups, such as MBA teams, to use as a collaboration platform. As a casual user of Evernote, I thought sharing this article, plus two others would be helpful to those of you enrolled in a team-based and collaboration focused MBA programs.

A Brief Word from an Evernote Convert” by Kathleen Fitzpatrick is the most recent article describing the benefits of Evernote. Dr. Fitzpatrick, a self-described prolific note taker identifies the benefits of Evernote as automatic synchronization with multiple computers and mobile devices, web accessible, lightweight user of memory and disk space, flexible, and free. She started using Evernote in May 2010 and in just a few months of usage has become an advocate of the application. I think her article is worth reading just to see how quickly she has become a power user of the free version of Evernote.

Take a Minute to Collect Your Thoughts With Evernote” by Shawn Miller is the article that caused Dr. Fitzpatrick to start using Evernote. This is perhaps the most extensive article there is that describes and demonstrates the in-depth capabilities of Evernote. He provides narrative descriptions of the capabilities as well as screen shots to illustrate the result. One caveat, he is a premium version ($5/mo) user, which gives him, an “allowance of 500MB per month, better security features, and the ability to sync any file type (the free version syncs all the basics: text, audio, images and PDFs). I think this article is a necessary read for anyone considering the adoption of Evernote for personal use or for collaboration.

I first learned about Evernote in a January 2010 Wall Street Journal article by Walter Mossberg, “Digital File Cabinet You Can Bring With You Anywhere.” In the article, he reports the results of his experimentation with Evernote. He closes the article by saying he, “found Evernote to be a valuable, easy-to-use tool that simplified my work and made good use of both the Internet and all my devices.” After reading this article, I became an Evernote user. I do not consider myself a power user; however, my usage level is enough to make me think that Evernote has great value for MBA students, enough so that I created a Getting Started Guide for MBAs.

MyeEMBA Getting Started Guide for Evernote – Click here to download a PDF file from this blog entry.

MyeEMBA Getting Started Guide for Evernote – Click here to download a PDF file from the MyeEMBA web site.

Have you used Evernote? Do you think Evernote is a useful collaboration tool for MBA teams? Do you think Evernote is a useful personal information management tool for MBA students? Is the Getting Started Guide for Evernote useful? Let us know in the comments section! What would you like to see covered at MyeEMBA?

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