Six Degrees of E.M.B.A. Relationships by Emily Glazer

What are the benefits of MBA students working in teams or study groups while earning their MBA? One of the often-stated benefits is networking. Although I addressed the benefits of MBA students working in teams in a prior post, I did not address networking as a benefit in the depth that Ms. Glazer does in her article, “Six Degrees of E.M.B.A. Relationships.” In this article, she describes the benefits she identified by interviewing EMBA students and alumni.

The interviews helped her gain insight into the relationships that form during an Executive MBA program. She points out that, “In executive M.B.A. programs it’s not unusual for students to find future business partners, co-workers — and sometimes even spouses” while earning their MBA. The most significant point she makes is the relationships created during the MBA program extend well beyond the MBA program and can lead to major business opportunities and job opportunities well after the MBA program. Sometimes the payoff may not occur immediately, and in some instances, the payoff is nine or more years after graduation.

Although her article focuses on EMBA students, I think her interview findings equally apply to all types of MBA programs. Therefore, I think taking the time to read her article is worth the effort. Furthermore, I think this article demonstrates the importance of the first team meeting and suggestions in my team meeting post.

Do you have relationships that continued after graduating from your MBA program? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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