Benefits of Managing Career Wellbeing While Earning Your MBA

Implicit in previous posts is that managing career well-being while earning your MBA will provide you some benefit. In this post, I want to identify clearly some potential benefits of managing career well-being while earning your MBA.

Career well-being is a function of how you occupy your time (activities) and how well you like what you are doing (activities) to occupy your time. Enrolling in an MBA program is going to change the set of activities that occupies your time. Furthermore, adding a new set of activities does not necessarily mean that any of the existing set of activities goes away. Managing career wellbeing while earning your MBA means that you or someone else consciously decides on which activities, in addition to MBA activities, you will keep and which you will delegate to someone else or eliminate all together. Unfortunately, you may not like all of the added MBA activities and you may have to retain some activities that you do not like while you give up some activities that you do like. You can see that managing career well-being is about managing activities and attempting to influence your liking of those activities. Keep in mind the change is temporary and limited to the duration of your MBA program.

Even though the change is temporary, some benefits do accrue due to effective management of your career well-being while earning your MBA.  Examples and their source include:

Meeting with the boss:

  • Some of your current activities are reassigned making room for added MBA program activities
  • Some of your current activities are retained because of your skills which keeps you more engaged with your boss
  • Weekly meeting schedules are adjusted so you can attend MBA classes
  • Your Personal Learning Guide created an opportunity to discuss career options for you once the MBA is completed
  • Your Personal Learning Guide helped demonstrate how the company will benefit from you earning your MBA

Meeting with co-workers and direct reports

  • One co-worker made a flippant comment about you getting special treatment because you were starting an MBA program, which gave you the opportunity to dispel any misconception regarding favoritism, and that you were only taking advantage of the company’s education assistance program and work-life balance program, thus eliminating peer conflict and jealousy
  • One direct report agreed to change a weekly meeting to accommodate your class schedule

Meeting with MBA team members

  • Microsoft Office 2007 applications were adopted as the standard for preparing all team documents and presentations which means you do not have to learn something new or convert documents you create
  • One team member’s company will allow the team to use the company’s document management application for MBA team assignments thus eliminating the use of email for sharing documents
  • A weekly virtual team meeting time was established thus eliminating a lot of face-to-face meetings
  • One team member’s company will allow the team to use the company’s WebEx online meeting service for virtual team meetings
  • One team member, a non text message user agreed to learn about text messaging and to add the capability to his mobile phone service so the team could use ‘texting’ as a way to communicate with each other

You can see from this list of potential benefits that all resulted from interactions with others. The items on your list will be different. However, the important thing to remember is that, had there not been some type of interaction with others, the benefit may not materialize until much later in your MBA program, if at all. The old adage “you won’t get it if you don’t ask” is appropriate in this case.

Are there other benefits that you want to add? Share your thoughts by adding to the comments below.

In my next post, I will discuss managing the second of the essential elements of well-being – social wellbeing.

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