MBA Graduate’s Perspective – Collaboration Is Key

MBA Collaboration, MBASo, you are about to start your MBA program. What is it really like to study for an MBA? How do MBA students manage their workload and their personal life? What short-term sacrifices must you make to earn an MBA? What will be the most important thing you will learn while earning your MBA? Have you thought about these questions?

I think it is difficult to answer these questions without first having earned an MBA. However, you can gain some insight and understanding by reading about the experiences of others as well as those that have attended or are attending an MBA program.

One good source where current MBA students share their experiences is The Financial Times Business Education MBA blog. Over the course of a 12-month period, invited MBA students from business schools around the globe share their experiences through blog entries posted to By reading these entries, you learn about the issues that this select MBA student group address while earning their MBA. In addition, some of the blog entries often highlight program differences.

One recent entry caught my attention because it related to some of the things discussed in some of my earlier blog posts (networking, collaboration). The entry by Aswini Anburajan, a 2009 MBA student of the Judge Business School, “On an MBA programme, collaboration is key” seems to emphasize:

  • She started her MBA program with little insight into what the outcome of earning an MBA would be for her personally
  • Her MBA focused on collaboration, a topic about which she had little awareness at the beginning and now means everything, especially when it comes to generating ideas and selecting colleagues and organizations with which to work
  • She completed 75% of her MBA program before figuring  this out

I am sure that many of you will make similar discoveries while earning your MBA. However, it may be helpful to start thinking about the journey on which you are embarking.

To help you start thinking about the journey, I recommend three things:

My first paragraph of this post asks a series of questions about pursuing your MBA program. Have you been thinking about these or similar questions? Do you have any answers that you would like to share with other MBAs and MBA students? Share your thoughts by adding to the comments below.

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1 comment for “MBA Graduate’s Perspective – Collaboration Is Key

  1. August 6, 2010 at 7:36 am

    I think that for far too many of us, we may view the MBA in a more-of-the-same kind of way. Especially if we have undergraduate degrees in business. To do so, is to sell the process short of its true potential. For many of us who go back to school as older adults, we would do well to carefully examine our expectations. This young woman points to the need to shed those too-tightly-held ideas early in the course of study and enter fully into the brave new world. I love the sense of adventure that this can bring.

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