How Many New Passwords Did it Take You to Start Your MBA

Maintaining Sanity and Security: Why Use a Password Manager?” by Dr. Amy Cavender, a post on the ProfHacker Blog of The Chronicle of Higher Education, reminded me of the number of times during the past year that I have clicked on “forgot username” and “forgot password” when trying to access a password protected site. Apparently, I am not unique in this regard, since several password management applications are available in the marketplace.

Starting your MBA will almost certainly mean the creation of multiple accounts for various services you will need or will use during your program. Rarely will there be a single username and password for you to use. Therefore, you will need to manage multiple accounts with multiple usernames and passwords. If you are currently participating in an MBA program, you know what I mean. Oh, one other thing, the new login information is in addition to the multiple personal and work usernames and passwords you are currently managing.

So, why not use starting an MBA program as an excuse for adopting a new way of managing login information. Furthermore, as the title of Dr. Cavender’s post suggest, it may help you, the new MBA student, maintain your sanity as well as the security of your personal information. Additionally, using a password management application may help you distinguish yourself from some of your MBA peers. For example, you will:

  • Not be the one that everyone is waiting on to log into an application
  • Not have to spend valuable time looking for or typing in a user names and passwords
  • Create the perception of being organized
  • Create the perception of being a technology wizard or at least of not being a novice
  • Find it easier to select strong passwords vs. weak ones, which in turn leads to improved security of your personal information
  • Improve security of your personal information stored on your computer(s)
  • Improve your mobility and flexibility because you will be able to easily access accounts from different locations and hardware
  • Have less to remember and worry about

Why are these examples important to you and how do they help distinguish you from your peers? My experience is that the little things in life frustrate us and irritate the people we work with. In an MBA program, this is true as well. Being the last one on your team to get logged in to a simulation, being viewed as the team’s disorganized member, being the team member that gets hacked and has to spend time cleaning up the mess rather than doing the team assignment, sends a message to team members, class mates, and faculty. These little things over time help others form an overall impression of you, which could lead to a lukewarm team peer evaluation that could influence your course grade or to a less than glowing letter of recommendation from a faculty member.

OK, enough about distinguishing yourself and back to the main subject of this post. Dr. Cavender does a good job in her post of demonstrating the need for password management applications and of identifying the better-known applications. Her post and the comments are well worth reading. I encourage you to take a few minutes to do so.

Have you had any problems managing your usernames and passwords? Do you use a password management application? How many new usernames and passwords did you add to your collection when you started your MBA program? Do you have any suggestions regarding password management that you would like to share with other MBAs and MBA students? Share your thoughts by adding to the comments below.

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