Is Managing Your MBA Team’s Conference Calls a Pain

Are you tired of spending time getting everyone connected for your MBA team’s weekly conference call? Do some team members need a constant reminder? When called to join the meeting, do some team members ask that you call them back on another number?

What if there was a simple and automatic way to notify/remind your MBA team members about the conference call? Oh, and by the way, what if the conference call bridge is free to participants? Would you and your MBA team be interested?

Your interest level may be a function of the number of conference calls in which you participate on a weekly basis. However, there are phone conferencing services that are available to address the needs of even infrequent conference call managers and participants. My purpose is to introduce you to one such global conferencing service, FreeConference.

Teaming – An MBA Students Way of Life

In a previous post, I pointed out that teaming is a way of life for most MBA programs and MBA students. I also suggested ways for you to prepare proactively for working with your MBA team. One of my suggestions related to reaching a consensus on what technologies your MBA team would use. Since you and your team members will meet regularly, via face-to-face, conference calls and other forms of online meetings, a conference call bridge and scheduling application may be of interest, especially to those starting an MBA program or current MBA students that are still searching for a viable solution for managing the logistical issues associated with team conference calls.

FreeConference, a web-based service, reduces much of the logistical pain associated with managing your MBA team’s conference calls. Conference call scheduling is easy with FreeConference’s menu driven scheduling tool that clearly identifies the options available to call schedulers and managers. For example, when I use the free Web-Scheduled Standard service there are 12 steps to schedule a conference call:

1.       Select Number of Participants

2.       Select Date

3.       Select Start Time

4.       Select Meeting Duration

5.       Select Participant Access Code

6.       Receive Organizer Access Code

7.       Set Conference Controls

8.       Decide on Email Invitations

9.       Enter Subject & Agenda

10.   Select Invitation Recipients

11.   Conference Recording

12.   Review Details & Confirm

I complete most steps by clicking on drop down boxes to select the desired option. Further timesaving is available when I use the “Quick Scheduler” function, which captures information from previous calls, which then requires only three steps to schedule a new call.

Why Should MBA Teams Use A Conference Call Service?

There are many reasons that MBA team members can use to justify the use of a conference call service. Some include:

  • Time savings, since call scheduling is automated
  • Free call scheduling services that usually are adequate for most subscribers
  • Reduce frustration since all notifications are automated
  • Easy and simple menu driven scheduling
  • A large number of participants can be invited
  • Call managers do not have to add participants to a call individually
  • You can schedule and forget since all notifications are automated
  • A single phone number is used by all participants to join the call
  • Participants receive an automatic email reminder, which means you are not spending valuable time creating email reminders
  • Changing call parameters is easily done on line with all changes automatically disseminated to participants

Are there other benefits? Perhaps you have a negative view of conference call management services. On the other hand, you may have another service that you want to share with us. Please do so by adding your input in the comments section below.


Rodney G. Alsup, D.B.A., CPA, CITP
Professor of Accounting
Founder of

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1 comment for “Is Managing Your MBA Team’s Conference Calls a Pain

  1. Scott Sumner
    November 17, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    Rodney, Thanks for sharing. This was helpful information. My question is how “Free Conference” stays in business if they do not charge a fee in exchange for service? Best regards, Scott

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