MBAs Enhance Your Wellbeing by Sharing Your Homework Time

Managing work-life balance, social wellbeing, and family activities while earning an MBA is challenging, especially in today’s fast-paced electronic world. For MBA students finding time to do that which is important is difficult. One option MBA students may want to consider is sharing homework time.

In a previous post, I wrote, “managing career wellbeing while earning your MBA means that you or someone else consciously decides on which activities, in addition to MBA activities, you will keep and which you will delegate to someone else or eliminate all together. This includes activities that establish, maintain, or strengthen family relationships, which means there is some risk that decisions regarding any activities could adversely affect your relationship with your family members.” To this I would also add relationships with friends and co-workers.

Perhaps sharing homework time is one way MBA students can strengthen or maintain some of the relationships in their life. Christine O’Leary-Rockey’s article, “Share Your Homework Time with Your Kids” reminded me of this possibility. Although she focused on sharing homework time with children, I think it is possible to share homework time with your spouse, significant other, friends, and family. Think about a few of the possibilities:

  • When your spouse or significant other brings work home from the office, try completing some of your homework in the same room in which they are working. Perhaps your presence and their presence can make a difference.
  • When a relative or friend is ill, it may be possible for you to spend some quiet time setting with them while doing your homework.
  • When a relative or friend is having an outpatient procedure that requires someone take them and drive them home, volunteer to do so. You can study while waiting on them.

Obviously, not all homework time can or should be shared. However, if you assume that none of your homework time is shareable you may miss out on the opportunity to strengthen or maintain a relationship and to improve your overall wellbeing.

Do you have other possibilities or suggestions you want to share? Please feel free to add them in the comments section below.


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