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MBAs, how often do you attend a team meeting and at its conclusion the wall is covered with flip chart pages? Then, how often do you see one of your MBA team members roll them up to take them home for conversion to a shareable format? My experience working with MBA student teams and MBA faculty teams is meetings end this way too often.

Now, look around your office, how many rolls of used flip chart paper do you see? When I visit the offices of people that work in groups or teams I often find their offices cluttered with the remnants of their meetings.

Today my office is spared from this clutter because of a very simple solution. I now use my Blackberry’s camera to capture the content of flip charts, whiteboards, and even some meeting participant’s personal handwritten notes. The two adjacent pictures were taken with my Blackberry. The upper picture is of a flip chart page and the lower is of a page of my hand written notes. My Blackberry saves the picture in a JPEG format and automatically tags the image with the date and time it was taken. When viewing the pictures in their original format and size the content is readable and shareable. Obviously readability is a function of penmanship and the size of the writing.

Sharing with MBA team members is easily done. Some possibilities include:

1)      Email the picture(s) to each team member

2)      Email the picture(s) to a Dropbox folder

3)      Upload the pictures to a laptop or desktop and share using the team’s preferred method of sharing

4)      Take the picture using one of the many smart phone applications designed for sharing such as Evernote and Dropphox.

5)      Insert the individual pictures into a word document and share the document using a standard document title such as “XYZ Group Meeting Notes 01022011”

Using a mobile phone camera to photograph flip charts, whiteboards, and personal notes is a very efficient and effective way of sharing without having to manually convert the content to electronic text.

I encourage all MBA students and MBA faculty to experiment with this approach. Think of the time you can save.

Do you have another approach for sharing handwritten notes, flip chart notes or whiteboard notes? If so please share with us by adding a comment below.

A special thanks to Jason Jones for his blog post, “Using DropPhox During Class to Manage Photos.” While reading his article, I realized that one of my uses of the mobile phone camera maybe worth sharing with the MyeEMBA subscribers and readers.


Rodney G. Alsup, D.B.A., CPA, CITP
Professor of Accounting
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2 comments for “MBAs – Easily Share Your Flip Chart Content

  1. March 3, 2011 at 10:19 am

    Drew sent an email re this post. I pasted below. Thanks Drew.

    Rodney –

    I appreciated the article and your perspective. We have been using two pieces of technology that have been very beneficial to keep capture white boards and meeting notes:

    One is slightly more pricey but a cool way to collaborate at a distance:
    e-Beam Edge:

    The other is unbelievably cheap and very effective for note taking:
    Livescribe pen:

    Hope all is well,

  2. March 3, 2011 at 10:21 am

    Brian sent an email re this post. I pasted below. Thanks Brian.

    Great tip! A friend of mine introduced me to the idea of the mobile phone capture a few years ago and I still do that today with white boards, flip charts, etc. I just wish there was app that would easily scan the words and digitize the relative spacing. 🙂

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