Another Online Tool to Help MBA Students Live & Work Smarter

Helping MBA students live and work smarter while earning their MBA degree is the goal of MyeEMBA. The online tool referenced in the title is OpenTable, a leading provider of free, real-time online restaurant reservations for diners. I use this tool on a regular basis to make restaurant reservations. Recently, during a visit to Honolulu, I used OpenTable to make dinner reservations at four restaurants. I selected all four based on the ratings and feedback found in OpenTable. I was not disappointed as all provided exceptional dining experiences. OpenTable is an extremely valuable tool that helps me live and work smarter. Perhaps this free online tool can help MBA students, MBA faculty members, MBA program administrators, and others to live and work smarter as well.

How can OpenTable Help MBA Students Live and Work Smarter?

Most MBA students perform their own administrative assistant functions such as scheduling appointments, which may include making restaurant reservations. Sometimes you need a restaurant reservation for business, sometimes a family activity, and sometimes even for something related to your MBA program.

Moreover, not all reservations are for restaurants in geographic areas that are familiar to you. You can spend time using the “yellow pages” to identify options. Alternatively, you could just do a browser search using the search term “restaurant” and a zip code. Better yet, you can go to an on-line restaurant reservation system to make your selection. The design of most on-line restaurant reservations systems help facilitate the search, selection, and customer feedback process so your dining experience meets your needs, and in most cases you can make the reservation in a matter of minutes.

If you want to save time, have a high probability of selecting a good restaurant; impress your friends, clients, or classmates then an on-line reservation tool such as OpenTable may be appropriate for your use. More importantly, using tools like OpenTable can help you live and work smarter while you are earning your MBA.

What is OpenTable?

OpenTable provides diners a free, real-time online restaurant reservation system with access to more than 20,000 restaurants and a reservation and guest management solution for restaurants. Since its inception in 1998, OpenTable has helped more than 200 million diners around the world secure reservations. OpenTable provides access to restaurants that are mainly in metropolitan areas throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

Why I use OpenTable?

I use OpenTable because:

  • The browser and smartphone applications are intuitive and easy to use
  • I am provided real-time access to reservation availability (date & time) in restaurants in geographic areas I select
  • I am provided access to each restaurant’s web site and menu
  • I am provided access to the reviews of other diners that in most all cases is reliable
  • I receive a reservation confirmation via email that I can forward to invited guests
  • The email confirmation provides contact information and directions to the restaurant
  • I receive an email soliciting feedback about the dining experience
  • I receive no unwanted email
  • I am not overpowered with on-line advertising when I visit the OpenTable web site or when I receive the confirmation email or feedback reminder
  • I save time because needed information is available in one convenient location
Other Restaurant Reservation Sites

In addition to OpenTable, I am aware of two other sites, and You can find a brief overview of each at

Perhaps you have other suggestions or options for making restaurant reservations. Please share them with the MyeEMBA readers by adding a comment below. Your comments may well help us all to live and work smarter, especially those that are still working to earn their MBA.

Full Disclosure

I am not an OpenTable shareholder or affiliate and I am not receiving any form of compensation from OpenTable for writing this article. My only reason for writing about OpenTable is to show how its use can help MBA students live and work smarter while earning their MBA degree.


Rodney G. Alsup, D.B.A., CPA, CITP
Founder of

[Image is screen printed from the OpenTable site]

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