MBAs Backup And Sync Your Google Documents With Insync

I subscribe to several technology related blogs and newsletters. A ProfHacker blog article, “Backup Google Documents with Insync,” caught my attention and I thought I would share it with the MyeEMBA readers. Initially, I thought the article would appeal to MBA students, MBA faculty, and other users of Google Docs. Then it occurred to me that many MBA students and MBA faculty do not use Google Docs because there was not an easy way to back up Google Docs files or because Google Docs users had to be online to access files. Insync may provide additional benefits to current Goodgle Docs users and perhaps eliminate some of the reasons given by non-adopters.

Quoting from the article, “ProfHacker loves Google Docs and backup plans. Today’s recommendation combines the two. Recently a post at Lifehacker made me aware of Insyc, free software that creates a folder on your hard drive and automatically syncs the documents in your Google Docs to it. Insync works in both directions—new documents added online are downloaded to your hard drive, and documents added to the synced folder are uploaded to Google Docs.”

Although I am an occasional Google Docs user, I do think Google Docs has a place in MBA programs and in particular, for MBA student teams.

If you are interested in learning more about Google Docs you may find some of the following references useful:

Are you a Google Docs user or insync user? Are you considering Google Docs or insync for your MBA program or MBA team? If so, I bet you’ll have something to say!

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