Category: Work-Life Balance & Wellbeing for MBAs

Financial Wellbeing While Earning My MBA

For most MBA students, earning an MBA Degree has both short-term and long-term financial implications. My experience is that many MBA students make short-term financial decisions that often have long-term financial consequences, consequences about which they know little about or are choosing to ignore. Whether out of ignorance or neglect, the result is the same, financial wellbeing suffers. Fortunately, there are post acceptance/pre enrollment financial planning action steps that most MBAs can use to proactively manage their short-term and long-term financial wellbeing. These action steps are appropriate for all MBA students; full-time, part-time, EMBA, or online, and will result in a unique plan for each individual. My goal with this post is to introduce you to these action steps and set the stage for future posts where I outline in detail each action step you can use proactively to manage your own financial wellbeing while earning your MBA.

MBA Students Need to Meet with their Family Members

You gathered information about your MBA program, you met with your immediate supervisor, your co-workers, and direct reports, and you met or are planning to meet with your new MBA team members. By now, you should have a good idea of how the activities in your life are going to change during the time you are earning your MBA. Now we will discuss the effects on your family and your MBA work-life balance in regards to enrolling in an MBA program.