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Help MyeEMBA help you. What content can MyeEMBA provide that will help you achieve your MBA goals? What content can MyeEMBA provide to help you deal with any of the many challenges you are encountering as you work toward your MBA degree? Your insight will help MyeEMBA authors target their articles to your needs.

There are four ways you can share your insights:

  1. You can email me directly at: contact@myeemba.com. Briefly describe the content you think would be helpful to you. MyeEMBA will not use or share your email address without your permission. MyeEMBA treats all content suggestions as anonymous contributions unless otherwise specified.
  2. You can briefly describe the content you would like to see in the public comments section below. Others may add additional comments.
  3. You can provide your content via the following formatted web page that is sent automatically to MyeEMBA when completed. MyeEMBA Content Suggestions
  4. You can call 919-627-1622 to discuss your content suggestion.

MyeEMBA uses both the web site and the blog to help MBA students achieve their MBA goals by helping them address the many challenges they encounter while earning an MBA. MyeEMBA addresses issues that are typically beyond the scope of most MBA programs. MyeEMBA content is being used by MBA programs throughout the world.


Rodney G. Alsup, D.B.A., CPA, CITP
Professor of Accounting
Founder of MyeEMBA.com

1 comment for “Future Topic Suggestions

  1. December 19, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    My name is Grant Webb. I work for Bisk Education.

    I came across your site today myemba.com and was very impressed. For this reason, we would like to donate an informational article to you. We have a current initiative of partnering with quality online entities such as your site to promote the field of accounting. We would like to donate a high quality informational article focused on explaining the benefits to students who use online learning tools. I believe this type of article would truly benefit your readers since your site is all mba’s and bettering yourself through education.

    As long as you approve of the article itself, would you post it on your site?

    At the very least, an expert article written by Bisk Education will serve as an additional resource to your website readers, increase the validity of your content, and further promote the field of education and accounting. Any content we provide will be free, high quality, unique, and relevant to the content you already have posted on your site. Plus, you will have all future rights to the article for republication.

    On behalf of Bisk Education, we would love if you would partner with us on this educational initiative. Please advise.

    Grant Webb
    Bisk Education
    9417 Princess Palm Avenue, Tampa, FL 33619
    866-442-6587 Ext. 4708

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