“Google Gives Students a Portable Voice” by Josh Fischman, The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Wired Campus May 14, 2010

This article, “Google Gives Students a Portable Voice” appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Wired Campus on-line publication. The article briefly introduces Google Voice and the advantages of being a user, getting voice mail sent to an e-mail address, sending free text…

Prepare My Own MBA Personal Learning Guide

Your Personal Learning Guide helps you, your employer and even your MBA team members get the most from their program investment. The goal is to apply what you have learned in your MBA program to your career situations. The Personal Learning Guide concept is the work of Dr. Robert O. Brinkerhoff, an expert in learning effectiveness and author of The Learning Alliance. I adapted the concept and created a tool for MBA students, primarily for Executive MBA, part time MBA, and online MBA students.

Action Planning – Mitigate Sacrifices of Earning an MBA

Mitigation starts with the list of sacrifices and the individuals affected. Once this list is complete or mostly complete, you can address each item in an action plan that will help you optimize your MBA work-life balance and well-being. I say ‘mostly complete’ because of the dynamic nature of our lives. For this reason, you will need to periodically review the list and update it even while attending classes. My previous post provided insight into the preparation of the list of sacrifices, so if you have not prepared your list you may want to review this post.