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MBA Students – Is it Laziness or Exhausted Self-Control

Many MBA faculty members think that MBA students are lazy. Why do they think this? Well, perhaps it is because some MBA students come to class without completing homework assignments, without reading assigned articles and book chapters, and when in class they are not active participants in discussions. Since most of my experience is with part time MBA students and Executive MBA students, I attributed this type of behavior to work-life balance issues. Now there may be another answer, exhausted self-control.

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MBA Students Need to Meet with their Family Members

You gathered information about your MBA program, you met with your immediate supervisor, your co-workers, and direct reports, and you met or are planning to meet with your new MBA team members. By now, you should have a good idea of how the activities in your life are going to change during the time you are earning your MBA. Now we will discuss the effects on your family and your MBA work-life balance in regards to enrolling in an MBA program.