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Action Planning – Mitigate Sacrifices of Earning an MBA

Mitigation starts with the list of sacrifices and the individuals affected. Once this list is complete or mostly complete, you can address each item in an action plan that will help you optimize your MBA work-life balance and well-being. I say ‘mostly complete’ because of the dynamic nature of our lives. For this reason, you will need to periodically review the list and update it even while attending classes. My previous post provided insight into the preparation of the list of sacrifices, so if you have not prepared your list you may want to review this post.

Accepted Into An MBA Program – Now What

You were just notified that you were accepted into an MBA Program. So what do you do now?

Let me reword this question and add a time constraint, “I have been accepted into my MBA program of choice. What should I do in the next 60 days, before classes start, to differentiate myself so I have a competitive advantage?”