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Dropbox – File Sharing Made Easy & Free for MBA Students

I am a self-described technology experimenter and early adopter, some may even say junkie. I sometimes try a new software application just because it sounds interesting or because, in reading a review, I identify a solution to a problem that I did not know that I had. Dropbox, on the other hand is a solution to a problem for which I have been searching for several years.

After working with MBA students for over 20 years, I am certain of one thing: MBA students will share files – with faculty, teammates, classmates, and others. Unfortunately, MBA student approaches to file sharing often vary by the number of individuals involved in sharing with the default being email attachments. I have looked for a simple and easy way for MBA students to share files, with each other and especially me.

Prepare My Own MBA Personal Learning Guide

Your Personal Learning Guide helps you, your employer and even your MBA team members get the most from their program investment. The goal is to apply what you have learned in your MBA program to your career situations. The Personal Learning Guide concept is the work of Dr. Robert O. Brinkerhoff, an expert in learning effectiveness and author of The Learning Alliance. I adapted the concept and created a tool for MBA students, primarily for Executive MBA, part time MBA, and online MBA students.

Accepted Into An MBA Program – Now What

You were just notified that you were accepted into an MBA Program. So what do you do now?

Let me reword this question and add a time constraint, “I have been accepted into my MBA program of choice. What should I do in the next 60 days, before classes start, to differentiate myself so I have a competitive advantage?”